VSM is producing cut fabric for cloth masks

Cloth masks are urgently needed at present. This is why VSM AG is providing volunteer seamstresses and seamsters with fabric cuts, free of charge, for sewing washable makeshift face masks. The masks are to be distributed, free of charge, to employees, their families, social institutions, chemists and medical practices in the Hanover-Hainholz district and in the City of Hanover.

"We always support the good ideas and commitment of our employees", says Bernhard von Heyl, Chairman of VSM AG. A team of employees centred around Rena Benthin (Consultant Health and Social Affairs) and Mike Kowalik (Director of Further Processing) had thought about how VSM could help address the shortage of medical protective materials in the Hanover region. "During testing in the laboratories of the research and development department it turned out that our pre-washed cotton fabric is ideal for making makeshift masks", reports Rena Benthin. "After a short test phase, our production department is now able to produce several hundred workpieces per day." The board was convinced by the idea and gave its approval for the cotton fabric, which is normally used for the production of flexible industrial coated abrasives, to be used for the social Corona project. "We are making the masks available to our employees for them and their families to use and will also supply masks to social institutions and individuals in Hainholz and all of Hanover, free of charge!" explains Bernhard von Heyl.

"As soon as we have a larger number available, we will start distributing them in Hanover - via the parish of Hainholz, chemists, or the seamstresses and seamsters themselves. Whether for retirement homes, care staff or older people who would like to have a mask for visits to the doctor or supermarket. We will help wherever we can!" The response within the company has been excellent. "This initiative has been received positively and supported by all our staff. We are packaging sewing packets in small and large quantities," says Rena Benthin.

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