FABTECH USA is one of the largest metalforming, fabricating, welding and finishing events in North America. With over 45,000 attendees, the show provides great networking opportunities. For VSM, the show served as an ideal venue to promote their high-quality abrasive products.

With the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reporting a 3 percent growth in the United States economy, coupled with growth in the manufacturing sector, FABTECH USA offers industry-professionals the prospect of continued progress and growth. November 6th-8th attendees met with suppliers and discovered new products that will aid in their successes for the upcoming year. Of those new products, VSM Abrasives Corporation launched VSM ACTIROX and VSM STEARATE Plus to the United States market, while boosting recognition of VSM CERAMICS Plus.

A solution for machining non-ferrous metals
VSM STEARATE Plus, available as a resin fiber disc (XF733) and an abrasive belt (XK733X), generated interest from companies involved in the machining of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. The product combines VSM CERAMICS technology with an additional anti-adhesive layer. A product that provides high stock removal and reduced chip adhesion, backed by a long service life, is a welcome relief for those abrading such challenging materials.

Two solutions for high stock removal applications
The focus on ceramic grain abrasives has continued to draw great interest from American metalworking industries, which is why VSM CERAMICS Plus and VSM ACTIROX were showcased at our booth. VSM CERAMICS Plus, with an optimized self-sharpening effect, continues to receive recommendations for companies that machine high-alloy steels and other hard surfaces. Compared to conventional ceramic grains, it achieves a faster and more aggressive cut over a longer period of time. VSM’s newest flagship product, VSM ACTIROX, was the highlight of the show. Its geometrically-shaped ceramic grain breaks down more consistently, resulting in a much smoother run with a faster cut rate. It is even possible to see 50 percent more stock removal, compared to conventional ceramic grain products.

Although other products were on display at FABTECH USA, VSM abrasives shined bright amongst like companies, showcasing new products with superior service…a combination that is unmatched.

Each year FABTECH USA is held in one of three major metropolitan areas, allowing industry workers from all regions of the United States to partake. For 2018, FABTECH USA was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Next year, it will be held in Chicago, Illinois.

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