VSM at EuroBLECH in Hanover

At the 25th international sheet metal working technology exhibition, the EuroBLECH, held in Hanover from 23rd to 26th October, VSM will be presenting its latest abrasives highlights.

Three highlights for very process step
From rough to finish grinding – VSM’s comprehensive range of abrasives has the perfect solution for every application.

VSM ACTIROX is optimised for stock removal and is ideal for all rough grinding tasks. The geometrically shaped ceramic grain, which is available in the form of a new fibre disc, ensures especially aggressive grinding of alloyed steels, stainless steels and carbon steels. It is ideally suited for bevelling and levelling welded seams. ACTIROX offers not only consistently faster grinding, but also an exceptionally aggressive initial cut. It demonstrates its full performance capability right from the first cut.

The long-term abrasive VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus, which was specially developed for surface grinding, achieves outstanding results when it comes to intermediate and finish grinding. It creates a uniform surface finish with an even scratch pattern and consistent stock removal. The improved bonding of the grain ensures full utilisation of the grit. This extends the service life of the belts significantly and thus improves productivity.

The new VSM ILUMERON abrasive belt is the first choice for consistent surface quality and high gloss finishes. It sets a completely new surface quality standard with extremely high gloss finishes when grinding plates or sheet metal. VSM ILUMERON demonstrably increases finish grinding productivity, since grinding and polishing can take place in a single processing step. Experience ILUMERON live in action on our grinding robot.

Come and visit VSM in Hall 13 at Stand E125, meet our abrasives experts, and get to know the VSM product highlights. We look forward to your visit!

About VSM

With 150 years of experience, VSM AG is one of the leading companies in the international abrasives market. Its core expertise lies in the production of coated abrasives. VSM develops high-end solutions for abrasives, which have to meet the specific requirements of specialist retailers, trade professionals and industry. We always put our customers first. Our network of subsidiaries and sales partners gives us a presence in more than 70 different countries.

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