Annual Welding Scholarship

Welding is a very rewarding and challenging career that is essential in many industries, such as aerospace manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, commercial construction, and more. In high demand, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for welders to grow three percent over the next decade; however, Economic Modeling Specialists International has predicted an ever-growing shortage of workers due to economic growth and a retiring workforce. Nonetheless, Robert Visdos, president of Workforce Institute Inc., said that what many people do not know is “that there are good jobs out there that pay a lot of money and have long-term career opportunities.”

In an effort to revive the shortage of skilled trades' workers in their local community, VSM Abrasives Corporation has partnered with Saint Charles Community College (SCC) to provide an annual scholarship to two students, pursuing a career in the welding and fabricating fields. Through their nationally recognized welding program, graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Safely & effectively use welding equipment
  • Utilize various joining processes
  • Read & interpret welding blueprints
  • Demonstrate proper transport, setup, adjustment and use of equipment
  • Properly utilize several welding processes

"We want to support our local community, while emphasizing the importance of manufacturing," said Rachel Krafft, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for VSM Abrasives Corporation. "This partnership provides the means to reach our objective."

The VSM Abrasives Welding Scholarship has already begun to help students realize their dream:

Noah, our 2019 scholarship recipient, said he had always liked working with his hands, which led him to consider welding as his career choice. By attending Saint Charles Community College, he hopes to one day become a welding inspector.

"The scholarship funds are a real blessing," Noah said. "Now, I will be able to get what I need for school and support my family."

Luke, our 2020 scholarship recipient, already had a full-time job in the welding industry but was looking to advance his career with an American Welding Society Certificate (also offered through Saint Charles Community College).

"I am very happy and thankful to receive the scholarship," Luke said. "It's really helpful to know other people are out there rooting for my success."

Recognizing the benefits this scholarship provides, VSM Abrasives Corporation plans to continue their support for years to come. If you are currently enrolled in the Saint Charles Community College welding program, you can apply for the Welding Scholarship at


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