The new fibre disc XF733: the perfect abrasive for grinding NF metals

The new XF733 embraces two technologies. The well-tried VSM CERAMICS grinding technology for high stock removal and an extended service life and the new additional grinding-active layer VSM STEARATE Plus for considerably

reduced chip adhesion are perfect together. This translates into a much enhanced service life in conjunction with a markedly higher stock removal. This helps to optimize the grinding process.

  • Double the amount of stock removal and double the service life 
  • Reduced chip adhesion, enhances the service life and leads to fewer tool changes
  • Especially developed for the machining of aluminium and NF metals
  • Reduces disposal costs thanks to the use of fewer fibre discs


    • 100% VSM CERAMICS abrasive grain
    • The additional VSM STERATE Plus layer considerably reduces chip adhesion
    • Extremely dimensionally stable and heat-resistant vulcanized fibre backing

    Product details

    • XF733 is at its very best when machining NF metals such as aluminium, bronze and copper
    • The ideal abrasive for the flattening of welds and for sprue removal

    The VSM STEARATE Plus brochure gives you more detailed information about the product


    VSM STEARATE Plus means machining without clogging

    A more efficient product thanks to STEARATE

    The new additional anti-adhesive layer ensures the efficiency of VSM STEARATE Plus across the entire service life of the abrasive whereas conventional abrasives are more likely to clog, which has a severely detrimental effect  on the performance of the abrasive.

    Ideal for NF metals

    NF metals tend to clog the abrasive. The chips can no longer be removed and build up on the tip of the grain. This is how built-up edges are formed. The grain stops working and the abrasive can no longer be used.

    VSM STEARATE Plus prevents chip adhesion and therefore clogging of the abrasive. As a result, the service life of the abrasive is enhanced considerably and stock removal remains high.

    Abrasives with VSM STEARATE Plus and STEARATE


    VSM CERAMICS with self-sharpening effect stand out thanks to their aggressive cutting behaviour when grinding aluminium and NF metals. The additional STEARATE Plus layer separates the chip from the abrasive and prevents clogging. More


    VSM ALUMINIUM OXIDE abrasive belt on a robust polyester backing for the machining of aluminium, NF metals and unalloyed steel. VSM STEARATE prevents chip adhesion and enhances the service life. More


    VSM ALUMINIUM OXIDE abrasive belt on a flexible cotton backing, features good ability to adapt to surfaces. The additional STEARATE layer avoids clogging of the abrasive. More

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