VSM ILUMERON RK700X: Grinding and polishing in one single step

The latest long-term abrasive VSM ILUMERON attains very high gloss levels when machining stainless steel, superalloys and unalloyed steel. In addition, the service life is extended. A product-specific manufacturing process makes this possible. 

The abrasive grain in the full faced coated material breaks down selectively and completely. This means that grit size 180 is sufficient to produce significantly finer surfaces without “wild“ scratches.

  • Increase in productivity: Grinding and polishing in one single step.
  • Consistent surface quality with extremely narrow tolerances
  • No “wild” scratches due to a product-specific manufacturing process
  • Improved user protection due to noise reduction


  • Enhanced service life, due to a successive and complete breaking down of the abrasive grain
  • Full faced coated abrasive with special applied bonding
  • Sturdy polyester backing

Product details

  • VSM ILUMERON shows its peak performance when machining stainless steel, superalloys and unalloyed steel
  • Developed for applications at low to medium pressures
  • Suitable for both wet and dry grinding 

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For a consistent surface quality

  • New full faced coated abrasive with special applied bonding
  • ILUMERON breaks down completely and selectively
  • This translates into a consistent surface quality with extremely narrow tolerances and no “wild“ scratches

For a glossy and fine scratch pattern

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