Greatly enhanced service life: This is the new VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus

The new three dimensional COMPACTGRAIN Plus granulate represents the latest innovation within the compactgrain product range. It is a long-life abrasive with a continuous self-sharpening effect and shorter cycle times.

The grain breaks down more consistently, resulting in a more uniform scratch pattern and surface roughness.


  • Higher grain reserve and optimized granulate bonding
  • Newly developed base coat and size coat
  • Sturdy polyester backing 

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  • Extended belt life generating higher productivity
  • Consistent surface finish with a more uniform scratch pattern and constant stock removal due to optimized wear properties
  • Improved grain adhesion guarantees full use of the entire granulate
  • Protects the agglomerates from hard hits and further supports the optimized wear properties
  • Suitable for wet and dry grinding on Centerless and Flat grinding machines
  • Reduced cycle times hence lower costs per part and a higher degree of process stability


  • Consistent performance on a wide range of metals
  • Ideal for Super Alloys, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Designed to perform at moderate-to-high grinding pressure applications on centreless and flat grinding machines
  • Suitable for wet or dry grinding
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