An abrasive grain in top shape – now also as an abrasive belt

Stationary applications can now benefit from ACTIROX as well: the geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain to ensure fast and aggressive cut is now also available as an abrasive belt with AK890Y.

Users have already been impressed by the extraordinary stock removal rates achieved with the AF890 and AF799 fibre discs.

  • Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain leads to a reduction in operating costs
  • Increase in productivity thanks to faster cutting
  • More than twice as much stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives


  • 100% geometrically shaped VSM ceramic grain
  • An upright grain at an optimum angle position makes for aggressive cutting
  • The additional grinding active layer VSM TOP SIZE ensures a cool cut and an extended service life

Product details

  • AK890Y excels in stationary applications such as removing welds and burrs as part of backstand grinding
  • AF799 and AF890 fibre discs are ideal for bevelling and grinding out flaws with high-speed angle grinders

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VSM ACTIROX product family


Developed for low to medium contact pressure, the ACTIROX abrasive belt offers a superlative level of performance.



VSM ACTIROX with TOP SIZE produces maximum stock removal when machining superalloys, stainless steel and carbon steel.



The stock removal rates achieved by AF799 are especially high when machining unalloyed steels and aluminium at medium to high contact pressure.


Geometrically shaped ceramic grain

  • The geometrically shaped ceramic grain guarantees maximum stock removal
  • The grain breaks down in a defined fashion constantly producing new sharp edges

A significant increase in productivity

Thanks to their extremely high stock removal VSM ACTIROX fibre discs can machine more workpieces in the same period of time.

VSM is one of only few manufacturers of ceramic grain worldwide and in Germany. It is having our own ceramic grain production in Hanover, Germany that we have a decisive influence on the performance of VSM abrasives.

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