Quality assurance

The high degree of vertical integration in our value chain ensures the consistently high quality of all manufactured abrasives. Quality assurance at VSM starts with a check of the raw materials. Test products from suppliers, random sampling in the laboratory and checks in production ensure the high quality of the basic goods.

In addition, VSM develops and produces all key preliminary products such as backing fabrics, artificial resin bonds and the abrasive grain itself.

We are one of only a few abrasive manufacturers worldwide that have their own cloth finishing plant. All our preliminary products which are made in our premises are subject to continuous monitoring and undergo regular inspections, such as sieving analyses, weight checks and viscosity measurements as well as visual inspections carried out by trained and experienced staff.

We promise quality

Finished goods and converted products are checked for their grinding performance or skiving. A grinding room with modern equipment is available for these inspections and tests. Our machines undergo calibration, at least twice a year. When it comes to tested materials we leave nothing to chance either. We capitalise on the long-terms relationship we entertain with our suppliers.

Combined expertise

To ensure that this complex quality assurance is provided, the areas of quality management and quality assurance are combined at VSM. This enables these areas to be coordinated even more closely. The team regularly checks the specifications drawn up and tests new analytical methods. VSM is thus always up to date with the latest state of technology and research. VSM has been certified to ISO standard 9001:2015 for a number of years now, and this forms the basis for its quality assurance.

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