VSM Eingangsportal zum Verwaltungsgebäude im Jahr 1930

The company Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken (VSM) was founded in 1864 by talented merchant, Siegmund Oppenheim, and his technically minded brother-in-law, Siegmund Seeligmann. Located in Hannover, Germany, the congenial duo started with small-scale manual manufacturing of glass and flint paper. However, production would greatly transform over the course of 150 years.

After surviving two world wars, the company expanded from its primary European market to meet the needs of a growing global economy. This period of growth became a reality as the company invested in the treatment of its own backings, formulating and blending its resins, and controlling every step of the coated abrasives manufacturing process.

The company continues to grow with over 750 employees worldwide, and more than 14 international subsidiaries, ensuring customers receive support in every region of the world. But it is our rich history and commitment to quality that has transformed VSM into one of the leading coated abrasive manufacturers in the industry.

Stich der Scheune, in der die VSM AG im Jahr 1864 von Siegmund Oppenheim und Siegmund Seeligmann gegründet wurde

1864 Company foundation
Siegmund Oppenheim and Siegmund Seeligmann founded the VSM AG. They start by hand with the production of glass paper in a barn in Hanover-Hainholz.

Fotos der Vorstände Max Oppenheim und Harry Friederichs

1871-1873 Letters from director Max Oppenheim
Original documents of the co-founder.

Urkunde über die Auszeichnung hervorragender Qualität der Produkte der VSM AG auf der Weltausstellung in Wien im Jahr 1873

1873 Quality award at the world exhibition in Vienna
VSM gets an award for outstanding quality of its products presented in Vienna.

Urkunde zur Bestätigung der Fusion der S. Oppenheim & Co. Hainholz und Schlesinger & Co. Harburg zur Vereinigten Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken Aktiengesellschaft

1898 Merger
Oppenheim & Co. Hainholz und Schlesinger & Co. Harburg merge to Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken Aktiengesellschaft.

Gemälde des Werksgeländes der VSM AG im Jahr 1900 mit rauchenden Schornsteinen

1900 View of 1900
The VSM factory in Hanover-Hainholz.

Plakat zum 50-jährigen Jubiläum der VSM AG im Jahr 1914

1914 50 years anniversary
VSM celebrates its existence during 50 years! The shipping of glass paper and abrasive cloth is continuous.

VSM Mitarbeiter im Büro bei der Arbeit im Jahr 1924

1924 Financial statement
1924 VSM has a capital stock of 3,540,000.- gold marks in its opening balance sheet.

VSM Mitarbeiterinnen bei der Produktion von Schleifmitteln auf flexibler Unterlage im Jahr 1929

1929 Economic revival
VSM specialises in the production of coated abrasives in Hanover-Hainholz.

Werksgelände der VSM AG im Jahr 1932 mit neuer Appreturanlage

1932 Progress
VSM builds up an in-house cloth treatment and develops into one of the leading companies in the abrasives industry.

Vitex Reklame für Schleifbänder, Schleifpapier und Schleifkörper

1933 Vitex
The trademark "Vitex" is registered and becomes an international synonym for high-performing abrasives.

Zerstörtes VSM Werk im Jahr 1943

1943-45 Destruction
A large part of the production in Hanover has been destroyed during the Second World War.

VSM Mitarbeiter mit Pferdegespann beim Wiederaufbau des Werks im Jahr 1945

1945 Re-construction
The VSM employees re-build the production capacities without state support due to revenue reserves. The production is already running again by October, 5th 1945. A tremendous success!

Schleifmittel Jumborollen im Lager der VSM AG

1949-1991 Expansion of capacities
During this time a lot of building expansions are made:
New laboratories, testing facilities, belt converting line, storage capacities, finishing of the raw material stock and the canteen, building of the high rack storage area, converting of jumbo rolls up to 3,000 running meters basic material.

Flagge Großbritannien

1955 Great Britain
Foundation of the first subsidiary VSM Abrasives Ltd. in Great Britain.

Luftaufnahme des VSM Werksgeländes im Jahr 1998

1964 100 years anniversary
VSM AG becomes 100 years old and reports its best ever net result for the year.

Freiheitsstatue in New York, VSM gründet die Tochtergesellschaft VSM Abrasives Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

1978 USA
Foundation of the VSM Abrasives Corporation in the United States of America.

Schleifen mit handgeführtem Exzenterschleifer

1991 Training Centre
VSM establishes an in-house training centre for abrasive technology in Hanover.

Schleifmittel Produktionsanlagen

1992 Optimisation I
Combining the production and establishing logistics. Foundation of VSM Abrasives Canada Inc. in Oakville as well as DUNA-VITEX KFT in Budapest/Hungary.

Handshake zur erfolgreichen Gründung von Joint Ventures mit der Firma PFERD in Schweden und in der Schweiz

1994 Optimisation II
Implementation of the distributor concept in Germany. Joint Ventures with the company PFERD in Sweden and Switzerland.

Polnische Flagge

1997 Joint Venture
Joint Venture with PFERD-VSM in Poland.

1999 Further expansions
Further expansion of capacities in Hanover and optimisation of internal processes. An additional converting plant is established in Hungary.

Foto des Neubaus des Kornbetriebs zur Herstellung von Schleifmitteln im Jahr 2002

2002 New building of the grain treatment plant
Investment of two million Euros in a new grain treatment plant.

Foto des Technical Center mit Maschinenraum und Konferenztechnik als Weiterbildungseinrichtung für Mitarbeiter und Kunden für Schleifmittelanwendungen

2004 Further expansion
Doubling of the used area in the packing plant and integration of a new pallet conveyor line. Opening of a new modern training centre with practical training area and conference equipment provides a continuing education facility for employees and customers.

2008 Production enlargement
VSM invests several million Euros in the building of new production plants located in Hanover.

2012 New building of the grain treatment plant
With the construction of the new grain production facility VSM concluded one of the largest building projects in the company’s history.

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