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“We have been purchasing and using VSM products for almost 20 years.  Good quality products at reasonable prices.  Excellent customer service contact.”

James M., Wisconsin

“VSM has been a great fit for us, the product is the best in the market on performance and price.  Josh, our VSM factory representative has extensive product knowledge and is very helpful in figuring out the best value solutions for effective abrasive consumption.  If you’re looking for a great abrasive manufacturer, look no further. VSM is the best.

Seriously, thanks for making my job easier, Josh, and VSM!”

Mike W., Washington

“VSM has given us and our customers great service and products over the last twenty years. We have had great performance and quality with all of the abrasives offered by VSM.

Many times our customers have gotten in trouble with over usage without warning to us and having the need of more product immediately and VSM has stepped up to the plate for us and the customers many times to satisfy the customer. VSM has always had quick deliveries for us and the customer. One of the biggest compliments from customers in the plating industry is that the scratch pattern from VSM abrasives is so uniform without wild scratch is that it buffs out easier than other abrasive companies. It has been great doing business with VSM Abrasives.”

Frank W., Tennessee

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