We Are Industry Experts

VSM’s Technical Service team is recognized as one of the most highly trained and knowledgeable in the coated abrasives industry. Along with outside sales representatives and a network of local distributors, they’ve developed a strong understanding of their customer’s processes and product needs. Their objective is to understand your application in an effort to help determine the right VSM product for your process.

  • Our vested interest in your success involves:
  • Pairing your application-type to our product, based on need.
  • Being familiar with a multitude of materials, such as metal or wood, and their characteristics.
  • Constantly educating ourselves on the surface finishing industry so that we may better be prepared to solve specific problems, and adhere to crucial requirements.
  • Understanding grinding processes, concepts, parameters and equipment to better assist you.

This product and application knowledge allows for testing of a variety of potential products on the way to recommending a real solution – the right abrasive for a particular job. VSM realizes you’re looking for more than grinding and finishing products, you’re looking for an abrasive that can most effectively reduce finishing costs while increasing production efficiencies.

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